1972 Ford Mustang Respray

by Roadrash Paintwork

On arrival the Mustang looked quite pretty, however, on close inspection there were a few challenges as there was a lot of bubbling rust, badly fitted grills, bumpers, wing extensions etc.

The first job was to strip the car of it's bumpers, number plates, door handles, all trims, badges etc. Then we sanded back all of the rusty areas to bare metal. Most areas were savable as the rust, although significant, had not penetrated through the substrate. These areas were painted with acid treatment, then a coat of acid etch primer, followed by extensive filler work in various layers to build the surface back to it's original. The few areas which did have full penetration, the worst being the top rear panel above the boot lid, were ground back the same way, acid treated then fibre glassed to give us a sufficient surface for filler preparation.

At the front of the Mustang we ground out all of the old badly applied filler which was cracking, re-fettled the front of the wings to accommodate the new wing extensions - also the same with the bonnet extension. All seams were seam sealed then the car went through various processes of sanding, going through the sanding grit sizes. When we were satisfied that the car was correctly prepped she was fully wiped down with panel wipe, blown out with an air line, put into the oven and fully tack ragged. This removes all minor particles of dust.

She was then fully primed with 2K primer, 3 coats all over, and slow baked. After standing for 2 days to fully cure she was then hand flatted to a silky finish. Again, wiped down, blown off and fully tack ragged then fully masked for top coat. Then 3 coats of Ford true blue metallic, followed by 3 coats of Glasurit clear lacquer. 3 days to cure then we fitted all decals before going back in the oven for her final coat of clear lacquer. Then low bake for 2 hours in the oven. 2 more days to fully cure then she was sanded all over with a 1500 DA then polished with a polishing machine.

Final job was the re-fit - headlights, grills, bumpers etc. and a phone call to Mark Blanchard to come and collect his very pretty refurb'd Mustang. The Mustang presented a few small challenges, however at Roadrash we are always up for a challenge!







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